Thursday, 29 September 2016

Masjedi strives for Greater Feats

Edmond Masjedi is a conventional entrepreneur, who passed over every reasonable doubt and stood firmly with his beliefs. His tendency to think outside the box, he has a vast assortment of SnoBar, alcohol infused ice-pops and ice cream to our disposal. There are only a few creatures, who grit their teeth and dare venturing into the turbulent waters.  Edmond Masjedi truly exemplifies it. 

One night Masjedi, in his effort to come up with a special dish for his wife Shannon prepared special alcohol-infused ice creams. Irresolute among different ideas, he eventually decided to introduce a small proportion of alcohol into his special ice cream. There was no looking back for him since this day. Instead of stepping back, he forged ahead with the idea to frame a success story for himself. Encouraged by his initial success, Edmond Masjedi decided to move further into manufacturing, distribution, and sales.

In addition to this, Edmond Masjedi teamed up with several chefs and food scientists to tune up the taste of the alcohol content. This alcohol-infused ice creams and ice pops are available in a wide range of flavors. Alcohol of premium quality goes into the making of this delicious dessert. This led to an overwhelming demand for the SnoBar, leading to a high popularity with a massive crowd gathering outside the parlor. 

Edmond Masjedi – A Symbol of Success

Edmond Masjedi is a living example of perfection that has crossed over great boundaries and he continues to pursue excellence.  The insatiable hunger for the success he is imbued with, however, has prompted him to go beyond limits. Having a good enough grasp of business principles of all kinds, Masjedi seems to have been endowed with a Midas touch. Edmond Masjedi has achieved success out of the several business endeavors he has undertaken so far. 

Masjedi started his career by heading into IPPC, one of the renowned plastic extrusion companies in the USA. After years of dedication and hard work, the company witnessed unparalleled success and claimed over 50% of the retail market share in the year 2000. Other than this, Edmond Masjedi was also associated with Warner Inc., one of the major exporters of Levis Jeans. The company to showed booming success and set itself among the top-notch entities in the textile export business.

Edmond Masjedi began with his own new venture into the world of residential and commercial real estate business and managed the construction projects of multiple single-family residential establishments. Masjedi used high-quality material and the latest construction standards and stressed on providing the best value for money for its customers. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Outstanding Performance of Edmond Masjedi

Edmond Masjedi, a perfect model of entrepreneurial acuity.  Edmond Masjedi has been branded as an inspirational figure for all those who are starting up with a new business plan. He is always ready to carry ahead with his ideas and innovative thinking. Edmond Masjedi is always ready to accept all kinds of changes and work on them. With natural company skills, he stated the need for a desirable achievement within a few months. With his forward-looking approach towards the things around him, Masjedi has damaged new reasons in company and has set an example for hopeful business owners. His strong passion for greater achievements persuaded him to team up with talented experts, chefs, and mixologist to bring forth a variety of sweets with an exotic and unique flavor and liquor content.

One night in an effort to create a special drink for his beloved Shannon, Masjedi decided to add an odd ingredient to a regular mixture of ice cream, what emerged out was an incredible icy pop. This mesmerizing creation of his was not only liked by his wife but a much wider audience. This became his success story at the Snow Bar, the famous ice cream parlor, which continues to relish even today. After this, Edmond Masjedi designed a company, which features high-quality wines at incredibly discounted rates without sacrificing the quality. Thus, his ice cream business progressed and became extremely profitable.

Edmond Masjedi and the Success Story of his SnoBar

The hard working entrepreneurial, Edmond Masjedi has always been led by his fabulous instincts. With honourable business skills, he has become successful within a very short time span. Edmond Masjedi has a courteous attitude towards the things that are available to him which also becomes a reason for his success. He has turned the stones into business and is set as a great example for people who are new in the business industry.  Through his dedication and excellent thinking, he has shown the path to success.  His motivation provides every aspiring businessman with a forward-looking approach to take his business on the top.  He is one such business personality who happens to be one such individual, because irrespective of the career that he chooses, he was able to achieve success at it. He tried his hand at many fields such as real estate, technology, food and more. However, it was in the food and beverage industry that he hit the ball. His expertise has afforded incredible business opportunities, all of which he has made for himself.

One night, in an attempt to make something special for his beautiful wife Shanon, Edmond Masjedi decided to add some alcohol to an ice cream base that he was creating and what he tasted was something truly incredible. Edmond Masjedi understood that he was on the cusp of something great and the foundation for Snobar was hence laid. After working with several talented and experienced chefs, Edmond Masjedi was able to perfect his icy cocktails and he knew that he had successfully created a brand of ice creams, which were meant only for an adult audience, but would most certainly make them happy and excited.  Thus today it is this SnoBar outside which we see a number of individuals queued up in lines.