Monday, 27 June 2016

Edmond Masjedi Redefines Success

A typical model of distinguished entrepreneurial acumen, Edmond Masjedi has always stood by his convictions and has reaped amazing rewards by following his instincts. Sometimes, people who are outrageously gritty tend to give in to their qualms and are easily taken aback by their own fears. It is only a handful few who go ahead and seize the opportunity and subsequently make it count. Every time one reflects on the achievements of Masjedi, they may wonder what urged this man to venture into an uncharted territory. On asking him, one would understand that he carries relentless drive to excellence and was always eager to see how a foray into a new territory would come off.

How It All Started

One day, Edmond Masjedi was asked by his wife to prepare a special dessert for her. He tried to put it together using different ingredients but to no avail. Eventually, he decided to mix a small proportion of alcohol to ice creams. Although he intended to add a little kick to the whole flavor, little did he know that a business idea would grow out of it.

Masjedi Laid His Own Path to Success

Edmond Masjedi is the brain behind SnoBar, alcohol-infused pop-ups, and ice creams. Once his homemade trials became a hit, he partnered up with chefs and mixologists to work out the taste, texture, and alcohol content. Finally, he came up with an extensive assortment of flavors, ranging from Brandy Alexander to grasshopper to Pink Squirrel. Every day, people queue up outside his parlor to gorge their taste buds on the lip-smacking selection of desserts.    

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Edmond Masjedi All Set for Big Entrepreneurial Leap

Not everybody is endowed with natural entrepreneurial talent! Not everybody seizes the initiative to plunge headlong into an uncharted territory! When it comes to venturing forth the road not yet travelled, not everybody is filled with gumption to accept the challenge! One may easily give in to their reservations. Only a few brave souls step up to the task and see how it passes off.

Edmond Masjedi is the archetypal modern entrepreneur, who passed over every reasonable doubt and stood by his beliefs. Thanks to his predisposition to think outside the box, we have a vast assortment of SnoBar, alcohol infused ice-pops and ice cream at our disposal.

How It All Started?

One day, Edmond Masjedi’s wife Shannon demanded him to prepare a special dessert for her. Indecisive among different ideas, he eventually decided to introduce a small proportion of alcohol into his ice cream, hoping it would add a little kick. This was the defining moment. There was no looking back for him since them. Instead of sliding into the background, he forged ahead with the idea to script a success story for himself.

Masjedi Strives for Greater Feats

Many business minds may conceive an idea and go over it with a fine tooth comb only to realize later that it won’t work. Unlike typical beliefs, it takes an unreasonably divergent interpretation of the situation to make it big. After his homemade trials became a success, Edmond Masjedi proceeding with conviction and partnered up with mixologists, food scientists, and chefs, aiming to perfect the taste, texture and alcohol content. Constituting premium alcohol and natural ingredients and, there’s a full cocktail in every serving. Desserts with the infusion of alcohol are guaranteed to give your taste buds a lingering pleasure.