Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Edmond Masjedi Sets New Milestones for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Driven by the steadfast approach towards the pursuit of goals, Edmond Masjedi has grown into a typical modern entrepreneur. Blessed with unparalleled business acumen, Masjedi has accomplished the conquests less dreamt of. Courtesy of his visionary abilities, Masjedi has set an example for the aspiring entrepreneurs. Further, he has showed that it takes a true grit to realize your dreams. With his relentless efforts towards success, Masjedi has claimed new territories with unimaginable ease.

Masjedi has come forth about the impending roll-out of a new beverage called Papas Beer. This might just prove to be one of the defining milestones of his long, illustrious span of diverse business endeavors. He presided over IPPC, one of the biggest plastic extrusion companies in the USA. The company witnessed unprecedented success under the supervision of Masjedi and claimed over 50% of the retail market share in the year 2000.

Edmond Masjedi formed an association with Warner Inc., one of the major exporters of Levis Jeans to Europe. Under the stewardship of Masjedi, the company took giant strides ahead and established itself among the premier entities in the domain of textile business and raked in overwhelming profits.

Subsequently, Edmond Masjedi made a foray in to residential and commercial real estate business and developed a multitude of single family residences in the LA County. Masjedi focused on offering the best value for money for his customers and employed cutting-edge construction techniques. Additionally, he made it a point to use to p-notch material in his all construction projects.  
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