Thursday, 11 August 2016

Successful Entrepreneurs Are Born, Not Created Like Edmond Masjedi

There is a saying in the business world that successful entrepreneurs are born, not created and in the case of Edmond Masjedi, this stands true. From the very get go, everything that Edmond has touched has been a story of absolute and tremendous success.
He started in the world of plastics, where he worked at IPPC. Although the company was already one of the giants in the world of plastic extrusion, Edmond Masjedi took it to an all new height and the company was soon at a position where it held more than half the share of production of straws. As if being on the top of such a company was not enough, Edmond Masjedi then moved onto the garment world, where with Warner Inc., he was able to grab more than half the market share of export of Levis Jeans to markets, all over Europe.  
From here, Edmond Masjedi moved onto real estate and here too he emerged as a leader, because from building custom, luxury homes for small families to creating technologies that allowed him to sell residential as well as commercial properties with more ease and precision. And it is not just technology that interests him, because he also likes to dabble with fine brews, including wine and beer. Presently, he is busy with the creation of a new line of beers, which are meant for people who are not willing to compromise on taste, but also do not want to loosen their purse strings too much either.

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